In industries where products have a large number of options, Sales and Finance divisions struggle to identify and purchase cost effective information systems.

Often the only alternative is word processing applications which were not built for this task. Although this is a well known issue, Key Managers are yet unaware of the benefits of CPQ that address and solve this issue cost effectively.

Salesforce CPQ, (Configure, Price, Quote) is a SaaS (Software as a Service) offering which has a combination of powerful features to enable companies to accurately and quickly configure the price of their products (or combination with services). Typically the product offering has a vast set of (quoted) options for each invoice which may change constantly according to each clients requirements.

NNCourage delivers a combination of unique services which respond to the requirements complex end user requirements combined with the industry leading standard Salesforce CRM and Salesforce CPQ. This combination of expertise deliver a total solution in any industry where the product or services have a direct link to the client. From Refining to Telecommunications to banking, all industries use the Salesforce ecosystem to manage their peers and their clients.