Tacton Systems

Tacton delivery is recognized for its ability to handle complex product configurations making it simpler to configure, design and sell from a single platform under the Salesforce ecosystem.

Tacton CPQ is a specialist offering for the manufacturing industry, also recognized by Gartner’s (http://www.gartner.com) latest Magic Quadrant. Renown, by global manufacturing organisations across industry who’s digital transformation has led to increased sales, efficient operations, reduced reworking and errors, creating in the process, loyal and happy clients.

Through Tacton’s CPQ offering, customers have the ability to receive ‘smart manufacturing’ without, as the Tacton offering is built around the client needs from the client perspective in service oriented delivery. Connect for a demonstration of how this can improve your current operations.

There is a lot of buzz around smart manufacturing and Industry 4.0, there is a wave of innovation in manufacturing technologies where cloud computing plays a pivotal role, Tacton delivery takes it all to another level with the ability to perform highly complex calculations.

  • Tacton thrives in high manufacturing complexity.
  • Designed to perform at its best in the manufacturing industry.
  • Customer is connect with the product and manufacturing unit.
  • Recognized by Gartner, for its technical capabilities.
  • Customers requirements become the center of focus.
  • Built from the ground up with Smart Manufacturing in mind.


NNextBilling is a fully automated invoicing service that addresses the order and invoice dispatch. A key feature of NNextBilling is its ability to calculate added value tax (VAT, BTW) based on the issuers home country automatically, seamlessly.

NNextBilling Invoicing Systems

The Finance department has the ability to customize invoice templates for each customer or group of customers for a personalized invoice message. One of the key benefits clients find with NNextBilling is the ability to generate complex invoices with multiple options within five minutes and to make changes in a user friendly way, but also for the Sales division to view (paid) transactions in real time.

NNextbilling is a highly versatile product and can connect with several finance related ERP systems effortlessly through NNCourage Consulting Services. This means that organizations need not worry about integrating or changing their existing (software/SaaS). No more administrative overhead, no more errors, no more reworking!